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  • Lan Ngân

    Lan Ngân

  • The Plastic Shift

    The Plastic Shift

    We’re youth researching the root causes of plastic pollution! Learn more at www.theplasticshift.com

  • Victoria Dmitruczyk

    Victoria Dmitruczyk

    Currently diving into the intersection of AI, energy, and cellular agriculture. Now, for a pun. What’s a wind turbine’s favourite colour? Blew.

  • Saheb Bardai

    Saheb Bardai

  • Eason Wu

    Eason Wu

    15 y/o innovator at The Knowledge Society (TKS) who loves learning new things and writing about cool stuff and things I’ve learned.

  • Nancy Shnoudeh

    Nancy Shnoudeh

  • Maggie Zhao

    Maggie Zhao

    Emerging Technology (esp. Biotech), Education, Science Enthusiast

  • Ben


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